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Statement on Brexit

25th July 2019

Read Jonathan Djanogly’s statement on delivering Brexit.

“Many of us have different views on how Brexit should be delivered and others don’t want it at all. I have no intention of trying to stop or reverse the UK's exit from the EU. The British people voted in an historic referendum in 2016 to leave the EU and enable the UK to regain its sovereignty. This is what the Government intends to deliver and is what I am working to achieve in Parliament.

“My colleagues and I on the Brexit Select Committee recently published a report that considers the consequences of a no deal Brexit. You can read the report and our conclusions based upon many hours of receiving evidence and expert opinion before the committee here.

“For me, leaving with a deal is key and I take comfort in the new Prime Minister’s stated belief that it is a million-to-one chance that we leave the EU without a deal. I have always been clear that I would prefer to leave the EU with a Withdrawal Agreement and I will be working hard in Parliament to avoid a no deal exit. While I have no doubt that the UK could thrive in the long-term, I believe that leaving without a deal in the short-term would damage the prospects of those in this country who could least afford it.

“Not least given the short time that PM Johnson has given himself to deliver on this, I think it is now vitally important that we unite as a Party and give our new Prime Minister our full support in achieving this historic deal, on which our national success will depend.

“Furthermore, if we can move on from Brexit we can concentrate on the domestic issues which will enable us to re-establish our reputation as the Party that delivers on improving our citizens’ lives.”


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