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Jonathan Djanogly MP opts for EU ‘In’

24th February 2016

Jonathan Djanogly’s statement on the proposals for a new settlement for the UK within the EU.

Speaking after publication of the letter dated 2 February from European Council President Tusk to members of the EU Council, on his proposals for a new settlement for the UK within the EU, Jonathan Djanogly said:

“Clearly, there is as of yet no deal for us to agree or not agree; there is only the proposal framework for a possible deal.

However, my position on the EU has been consistent; that, on balance, I see better trade opportunities and prosperity and security for British people by staying ‘in’ the EU rather than coming out.

This position was however subject to a number of reassurances I wanted to see; not least that future changes to the Eurozone should not undermine our own independent currency or economy. Secondly that Europe should be focussed more on providing the UK with a platform for business and deregulation, but not political integration and finally that abuses of our immigration and benefits system should be addressed.

These issues have been addressed in the proposed deal negotiated by the government with the EU President, but are still subject to details being finalised, the agreement of the EU States and the need to work out how they will be implemented.

Of course, these proposals could never satisfy everyone. But I take comfort in the EU Council’s commitment that the UK will be “not committed to further political integration”, and also that a new “red card” system will enable the stopping of new EU laws. Now we need to check that the proposals can be turned into a binding deal.

The problem is that a referendum forces us to say yes or no to what is a complex series of issues. So I very much agree with the Prime Minister when he says the question is not could Britain succeed outside the EU...…it is how will we be most successful? How will Britain be most prosperous? How will we create the most jobs? How will we have the most influence on the rules that shape the global economy? How we will be most secure? I have always said that the best answers to those questions will be found within a reformed EU.

It is on this basis that I have today joined Conservatives for Reform in Europe and co-signed a letter supporting the Prime Minister’s EU renegotiation.”

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