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Hospitals Memorandum of Understanding published

21st March 2016

Following Jonathan's earlier request and a meeting with the Chairmen of both Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough NHS Trusts on Friday 18 March the previously secret memorandum of understanding between the two hospital Trusts has now been released. Jonathan said, “I am pleased that the Chairmen of both Trusts have agreed with me that this document should be publicly available and that the process involved here should be a transparent as possible. A merger is still very much on the table and I remain opposed to it. I am also concerned that there is still no commitment to full public consultation on merger proposals.”

If you have not yet done so please sign Jonathan’s petition: http://www.jonathandjanogly.com/hospital_petition

| Memorandum of Understanding between Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough NHS Trusts


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