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Djanogly fights for improved Broadband Services

12th February 2010

Jonathan Djanogly MP for the Huntingdon constituency is today campaigning for improved Broadband service for rural communities within his constituency.

Commenting Mr Djanogly remarked;

‘Around ten years ago most of the Huntingdon constituency was not Broadband enabled and I led a successful campaign to provide this service. But expectations and business needs have developed such that recently an increasing number of constituents have been complaining that the Broadband service they receive is inadequate.

To understand the position better I recently wrote to all Parish Councils within my constituency canvassing their views on Broadband Services. I received a very good response which gave me an insight into the problems being experienced locally.

The overwhelming primary concern was one of speed, with many Broadband users failing to achieve the governments recommended speed of 2mbps. Indeed certain areas even struggled to achieve 1mbps. I have therefore raised my concerns with BT, seeking their comments on what actions can be taken to improve the quality of service experienced by my constituents.’ Mr Djanogly further added;

‘Broadband access is vitally important to families and businesses alike. Without a fast and reliable service in Huntingdonshire many villages will be significantly disadvantaged. Homes and businesses deserve access to the latest 21st Century technology. I therefore welcome new Conservative plans to deliver the roll out of superfast broadband at speeds of up to 100 Mbps by 2017. This stands in stark contrast to the Government’s new £7 per year ‘phone tax’ on every telephone line’

Gordon Brown’s Government wants to impose a new £6 + VAT tax which will be levied on every fixed telephone line in all homes and businesses across the country. Homes with multiple lines might pay multiple times. The tax would be levied on homes with and without broadband access.

Conservatives have unveiled alternative proposals to increase competition and introduce superfast broadband across the United Kingdom. The action plan will:

  • Open up BT’s ‘local loop’ monopoly to other telecommunication operators, and review unfair business rate rules.
  • Investigate the use of sewers and other utility infrastructure to lay broadband cables.
  • Allow telegraph poles to be fitted with fibre optic cables, rather than old fashioned copper wire.
  • Ensure that all new homes are capable of receiving superfast broadband through a fibre to the home network.
  • Use money currently allocated to the digital TV national switchover to help establish a universal network, and after 2012, look at using this money to ensure superfast broadband reaches rural areas.

Mr Djanogly said;

‘It’s time to end the digital divide and deliver superfast broadband to all parts of the country, including rural areas like Huntingdonshire. Conservatives will open up the BT monopoly and increase competition.’

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